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DANO Growth Shakti

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DANO GROWTH SHAKTI (DGS), which is the first powdered milk in Bangladesh to have the perfect combination of MILK FAT and VEGETABLE FAT. It consists of DOUBLE VITAMIN D and DOUBLE CALCIUM which provides double nutrient and amazing taste. DGS is made in such a way that it can be consumed by every member of the family. Besides regular drinking, one can use it to make tea, desserts, sweets, and for other cooking purposes. Double Vitamin D formula (800 IU), will make the children stronger and keep them active throughout the day, while Double Calcium (1600 mg) will strengthen the bones and teeth. It also has protein which helps to build muscles with added vitamins and minerals. DGS has Vitamin B2 and B12 as well, which helps in human brain development. Its creamy addition of MILK FAT makes it tasty for any desserts on any occasion. And all of these at the most reasonable price possible for everyone to avail.

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