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Gestamil (Nutritional Supplement for pregnant & lactating mothers) BIB

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Gestamil is a unique nutritional supplement specially designed for pregnant and lactating mothers. Gestamil contains all vital nutrients such as proteins , vitamins and minerals with a particular emphasis on calcium , iron, zinc and folic acid constituting thus a complete and balanced diet for mothers during pregnancy and later on breast feeding . Ingredients: Skimmed milk, sucrose, soya oil, cow’s milk fat, whey protein, maltodextrine, inulin,milk calcium, vanilla flavor, minerals, vitamins, taurine,inositol, B-carotene. Daily requirement: 2 glasses of Gestamil should be given everyday , unless otherwise advised by a physician. How to prepare: Pour ten (10) level scoops of Gestamil into a glass of warm (previously boiled water) water (200ml) and stir well.

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