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Meril Lipgel

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During winter while we can protect our body against cold by wearing different winter attires, but our lips are always exposed. Although a lot of attention is paid to the face, the lips are often neglected. Chapped and dry lips with small white flakes look unattractive and unappealing. Excessive dryness can sometimes lead to cuts and bleeding of the lips. Meril Lip Gel provides the ultimate relief to this problem. Aloe Vera in the gel provides a therapeutic effect and helps to relieve skin dryness. It is available with citrus flavor and provides nourishment to the lips while it protects the very delicate lips skin. Meril Lip Gel promises to bring back everyone's smile in the winter. Ingredients Mineral Oil, White Petroleum Jelly, Aloevera Gel, Food Grade Citrus Flavour Direction of Use Smooth on and around bare lips, alone or under lipstick.

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