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Meril Petroleum Jelly

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Skin protects yourself from all the odds. How to protect your skin? Skin is one of the most delicate organs of the body which faces several adversities such as dryness, roughness etc. A little care can make your skin healthy, shiny and beautiful even in the wintry bite of the season. Meril Petroleum Jelly is the pioneer in providing the complete solution for protection against the cold in winter. Meril Petroleum Jelly prevents skin contraction and relieves dryness. You can directly apply on your skin, hand, elbow, lips, feet, ankle and other parts of the body without any hesitation. Meril Petroleum Jelly is not only an ordinary petroleum jelly but a value-added petroleum jelly with Vitamin C and Lemon Extract enriched. The presence of Vitamin C and Lemon Extract moisturizes the skin making it soft. It also provides protection to minor burns and chapping as Vitamin C and Lemon have natural power for prevention. Enriched with Vitamin C and lemon extract, the jelly provides a protective layer against cold. So make Meril petroleum jelly your all-time companion and enjoy 100% protection; Protection is always better than Healing. Ingredients Petroletum, LLP, with Lemon Extract and Vitamin C Direction of Use Take a small amount of Meril petroleum jelly and use it on your lips and hand or other part of your dry skin. Can also be used in small scars and burned skin.

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