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Meril Rose Water Glycerine

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REMOVE 5 SIGNS OF DRYNESS MERIL Rose Water Glycerin contains natural rose water and “hygroscopic,” meaning it absorbs water from the air. That makes it an excellent culinary humectant because it will draw moisture to itself from inside your muffins. MERIL Rose water glycerin removes 5 types of skin conditions and by regular usage it ensures bright, fulgent, smooth and soft skin. IMPROVE SKIN CONDITIONS There are several types of skin inflammations that cause itching, burning, redness or pus. If you have atopic dermatitis (a type of eczema) or psoriasis, for example, you might try switching to glycerin. In studies, some participants have shown significant improvement to their skin condition by making the switch. Ingredients Rosewater, Glycerine Direction of Use No need use water while applyin to your skin. Spray on your face, hand and feet or wherever needed. External Use Only.

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