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Nestlé Corn Flakes

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To kick-start your morning and refuel your body have a delicious bowl of Nestle Gold Cornflakes Breakfast Cereal made with whole grain! Tear into a box of Corn flakes and discover the simple WHOLE GRAIN goodness within. There’s nothing quite like a bowl of tasty, crispy flakes made from golden corn to get the day started. Not only does Cornflakes serve up a tasty breakfast, it also contains vitamins and minerals for a nutritious start to the day. This means a morning bowl of cereal can help your family get a good portion of vitamins and minerals they need every day. Good to know: Nestle Gold Cornflakes offers you great taste and a healthier start of the day! It is made with goodness of whole grain. Whole Grain – Contains more dietary fiber, more nutrition. Lower Fat – Contains lower amount of fat compared to other NESTLÉ Breakfast Cereals. So, it can be a great meal to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Source of Calcium and Iron – Calcium helps to maintain strong bones and Iron is important for healthy red blood cells.

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