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Ruchi Puffed Rice (Muri)

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Puffed Rice or perhaps Muri is actually a traditional meals of Bangladesh. According to Wikipedia, Puffed rice is known as a type of puffed grain produced from rice, widely used in breakfast time cereal or perhaps snack foods, and served like a popular road food in Bangladesh, India and Nepal. Whatever, within our country they have very high demand in almost every family members, to everybody from children to elders. Nearly 3 to 5 occasions a week we like to eat puffed rice in various methods. And thus, here the standard of the product is within high demand. Nowadays, to make even more profit, diverse parties will be mixing distinct chemicals to whitening puffed rice or perhaps make this more attractive. Yet such chemical substances are harmful to wellness. Khaas Meals is devoted to serving you with high quality handmade puffed rice created from Barishal’s popular rice, not to mention, fully chemical substance free. You are able to taste Khaas Food’s hand crafted puffed grain, and you will find the reality very quickly.

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