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Shape Up Hi-Protein Low Fat Milk Powder

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One of the common problems after 30s is we start to lose fitness. Being a NON-fat milk with high protein intake, shape up fills the basic need for your body without the fat of regular milk. It is your everyday ally in ensuring fitness and a healthy lifestyle. SHAPE UP Low fat, high protein milk powder fulfills the nutritional requirements of fat free milk for adults while keeping them slim and fit. It contains high protein that plays an important role to develop muscles and skin tissue. Super Fortified SHAPE UP is 99% fat-free. It is an excellence source of energy as it contains 37% more protein than regular milk. It contains 11 vitamins and 9 minerals that support the adults to maintain health and vitality. MANAGING LIFE AT 30s: Welcome to your 30s! You may not feel or look much different than you did a few years ago, but your body is changing bit by bit. These changes are a normal part of growing older. You may feel like you're slowing down a bit—or you could feel like you're in the prime of your life. Each man and woman are unique and so are his / her health concerns. Now, you may be more concerned about: Maintaining a healthy weight Keeping your skin looking fresh and more youthful Reproductive issues, anything from getting pregnant—or not—to finding a birth control method that matches your lifestyle Preventing bone loss Reducing stress Super Fortified SHAPE UP supports you with maintaining a balanced life style that you deserve at 30s. MORE ABOUT SHAPE UP: World class High Protein formulation for SHAPE UP has been created by FONTERRA LIMITED of New Zealand. HEALTH BENEFITS: High Protein: Source of Energy. Maintain basic function of life. Helps in respiration by contraction of Muscle. High Protein milk for breakfast helps reducing blood glucose level effectively. Provides balanced protein energy supplementation to pregnant women lead to 31% reduction in IUGR (Intrauterine Growth Retardation). Low Fat Milk is associated with decreased risk of Type – 2 Diabetes. Low Fat Milk is part of heart-healthy diet, protecting against heart disease, stroke and reduce the risk of High Blood Pressure.

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